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By | December 5, 2018

You are here. That means ,you are a movie or tv show freak and looking for a way to watch them for free. Aren’t you? Thy will be done . Your search ends here . I am presenting to you the new awesome Android app in the market which is a must for every movie or tv shows fan . The app is Beetv app . Beetv is an Android app . In this article I am going to share the complete details about the Beetv andoid app . I will also share the way to download Beetv apk in your Android devices and also how to install and use it.beetv apk

Why Beetv Android app came into market ?

It is not a secret how popular the streeming apps have become . Android apps like ShowBox , Terrarium TV , Cinema Box etc they all served well one time but they are no more . This gave rise to more such apps and even better apps into market . Beetv is one of them . I will share more such apps in the coming days . This article is all about Beetv app for Android .

What is a Beetv app ?beetv apk

This section is for the people who never used any free streaming apps before . Streaming apps are the apps which provides you with all the movies , tv shows and other services which are usually expensive in market for free . For example , consider Netflix or Amazon Pime . These two are very popular for watching movies and tv shows in it . But to watch in those apps you need to buy an account in those apps and stuff . These apps are usually pretty expensive . It is certainly very expensive for someone who watches movies and tv shows a lot. download beetv apk by following the below steps.


Many times it happens that all the shows and movies which you watch may not be available in the same app . for example , conside an awesome show like Young sheldon . This show is available on amazon prime but not on netflix . The other show from DC called Titans is available on Netflix and not on Amazon prime . It would be stupid or super rich to buy accounts in both the apps to watch two shows when you can watch those two for free . Yes , you read that right . Not just those two shows . There are a lot of tv shows and movies which are available in this app for free .

Why you should try Beetv app in your Android devices right away ?beetv apk

Beetv app provides many TV shows and movies in high quality for free . Yes , they are absolutely free . You can watch all of your favourite tv shows and movies in HD quality or the quality whichever is convinient to you . All you need is any Android device like Android mobile , tablet etc ,. Download Beetv apk in your Android mobile or tablet .  Follow the steps mentioned below and install the app . I am going to show you how to use Beetv app . download beetv apk here.

Features of Beetv Android app

Watch tv shows for free in Beetv appbeetv apk

You can watch vast number of tv shows in Beetv app . Once you open the app , you open the TV Shows tab in the app . There it will display all the trending tv shows . You can select any tv show and it will display it’s details . You can see a brief description about that tv show and has an option to let you select which season you would like to watch . You can select any season in that drop down . You select the episode you would like to watch . Select the quality in which you want to watch and enjoy the show . You can even download that particular show and watch it offline .

Beetv apps has almost all the popular tv shows accross the globe . The tv shows are available almost the next day the episode gets aired on TV or anywhere . Trrust me , this is the most convinient way of watching the tv shows . I absolutely love it .

Watch Hollywood movies for free in Beetv app

Those were the days when I used to maintain a hard disk full of movies  . I used to download all my favourite movies and the movies I plan to watch . I used to do this because I used to be so difficult to get movies online . I also like all movies at one place , nicely categorized and can watch at anytime . If you are also like me , you hit a jackpot in this app .

Beetv app gives you all the latest movies in different qualities . Beetv has all the movies nicely categorized and well maintained . Open the app and go to the Movies tab . There you can see all the latest movies in the home page . You can search your movie and open it there . It will show you brief plot of the movie and various qualities in which you can play the movie . You can select once quality and watch the movie . You can also download the movie and watch it offline whenever you want .

  •  HD Release in Beetv app

If you like watching the movies in only HD quality , this tab is for you . Here Beetv will list down all the available HD movies . This makes it  more easier for you to easily pick and watch any available HD movie you want .

  • Recent category in Beetv app

Recent category is like the name says shows all the recent movies or tv shows you have watched . This is kind of like history of this app .

  • Watchlist tab in Beetv

Watchlist in a way is a very useful app . Here you can create a list of the shows or movies you are planning to watch and maintain a checklist here .

Steps to download Beetv apk in your Android device and installbeetv apk

  1. Download Beetv apk file in your Android device.
  2. Open the Beetv apk file and give the permission to let apps from unknown be installed in your phone.
  3. Once permissions granted , open the apk file . Click on all next buttons and then finish at the end .
  4. Once done , open the app and enjoy the wide range of tv shows and movies for free .

My final review of the Beetv Android app

Beetv is an upright perfiect app especially in such crisis situation . By crisis I mean a lot of other famous movie streaming apps shutting down . Beetv is quite an awesome app . You can watch a lot of movies and tv show here for absolutely free. I highly recommend you to download and use Beetv app in your android devices right away .


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